Energy consumption

All about your energy consumption

When moving to the Netherlands, you want to have grip on your living expenses.
Do you want to know how much electricity costs you have in your new Dutch home?

With our client portal ‘I ampeer’ you gain insight into your utility bills and find out how high your energy consumption is.

We provide a transparent overview of how much energy you spend, whether you own a house or rent a residence. This gives you the possibility to reduce your gas and electricity supply for a green footprint and to cut down on your utility expenses. That’s double sustainable for the environment and for you.


How can I view my energy consumption?
With our client portal ‘I ampeer’ you can easily view your electricity costs and energy consumption in your Dutch home.


How to create a new ‘I ampeer’ account?
Via ‘I ampeer’ you can view your own data and adjust it 24/7 if needed.
At first, activate your account.
Then you create a personal username and password.


Where can I find my customer number?
You can find your customer number in your welcome confirmation email that you received from us. Or just give us a call at 088 44 22 901 and we look it up for you.


Could not find what you are looking for?

Just contact us and we advise you in English. You don’t need to speak Dutch.

Write us your question about our utility services to  or call us at 088 44 22 901 during our office hours Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 5pm.

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